Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year

A bit about me...

I own a wonderful quaint little shop "The Primitive Heart"...I have a loving supportive hubby of 20yrs,two wonderful teenage boys,a black lab "Maggie",two cats,two horses and four chickens... I live a charmed life doing what I love to do,creating old grubby things for other people to love...I very rarely keep anything I make but love to collect other peoples handids...My fingernails are always stained,my kitchen table rarely sees the light of day and I could not live without my glue gun!...I love the colour brown, delphiniums, thick cotton socks, sleeping when it's raining, mexican food, hiking outdoors ,playing scrabble with my kids...I hate bookkeeping...I'm a huge procrastinator and I'm never organized!...I'm always more creative when my tea pot is full...I don't smoke or drink but I do have a bit of an antiquing habit!... Two things I love to do... spoon with my black lab and wrapping my arms around my horse and inhaling!
Life is good!

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