Monday, March 2, 2009

~Back in the Saddle~

The last year has been full of changes in the horsey side of my life...After struggling with confidence issues for the last year,I decided to find a new home for my thoroughbred horse...He was a wonderful horse and the fear issues were completly mine. I was finding every excuse not to ride him and I knew in my heart he deserved a better life. He is now residing on a lovley farm near Port Perry. His new mom assured me he will always be there and I can visit anytime. I miss him so much and plan to visit this summer. In the meantime hubby and I were toying with the idea of giving up the little barn we were leasing and finding a place to board our other horse. That way we could have a normal life again without having to run the roads twice a day feeding,turning in and out horses. Our boarder was thinking of leaving as well as she had moved further away from the barn and the drive out was getting too far for her. So in December we made the decision and we moved our quarter horse too a wonderful barn not too far from home. I LOVE IT! I love our horse Clarence (I say our because my hubby is not actually letting me own him!) He is the calmest,easiest horse to ride,nothing rattles him and I have finally got my confidence back thanks to him! So a few weekends ago we went out on our first trail ride,something I would not do on my horse for quite sometime. It felt great and I hope to go again when the weather warms up. That picture is us heading out for a lovely hack. More horse adventures to come!

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