Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Well I thought I would post a picture of my dining room while it is tidy! I gave it a good dusting and fluff...The dining room tends to become the "stock room" for the shop and  antique pickins start to pile up in the corners and you rarely see the top of the table!...I'm currently working on the spare bedroom upstairs (my eldest son flew the nest) turning it into an office/studio!!...although right now I'm in the wallpaper boarder stripping phase, oh what fun when the biggest piece is the size of my thumb!...I hope to be painting by the weekend! Enjoy yours! ~C


Lisa said...

What a lovely shot of the dining room. Doesn't it feel good when it is all clean and tidy. I rarely experience the feeling but I do seem to remember it was a pleasant feeling. Hehe. Have a good day. Lisa

Bohemian said...

That is a lovely Room! Smiling about your Son leaving the Nest & you converting his Room into a Studio. I turned our Cottage Carriage House into a Studio & when an Adult Son had to move back Home during the Economic Slump he moved into my Cottage Studio... and the Gals love the place so I fear he's never leaving now?! *winks* Thanks for stopping by with a positive comment to my Post... I felt it needed to be said because several Vendors at the new place have told me they had to leave previous locations because of Vendor Drama and complaints about their Inventory and they pray it doesn't happen at this location because so far everything has been so positive, enriching and uplifting. I Hope so too... being so new at this I didn't even realize all the potential drama over a little old Booth! *LOL* Different things excite different people I guess... and who knows when you'll run into a tortured Soul!?

Now I will have to peruse your Blog's Archives and enjoy more of your lovely Styling & Treasures!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian