Thursday, May 17, 2012


I'm dreaming about these darn things!...I added a few to the back porch!...I think the gal at Walmart thinks I have issues!...I've had those market baskets for years just kicking around, they are a perfect fit!


Christine Crocker said...

oh,your topiaries look wonderful!
Yur porch is lovely,too.

our nearest Wal-Mart is half an hour away...I best get my boots on and get to town!

Lisa said...

I think their might be a support group we can participate in. hehe. I know how you feel. I look at it this way....I could be doing things MUCH worse....what's a few topiaries? Your porch looks lovely. Have a good night. Lisa

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Your porch looks beautiful. I didn't find them in the three Walmart's that are near to my home.Love yours!!!

Unknown said...

I understand your obsession! I had a beautiful rosemary one, and I killed it by accident. My local nursery didn't carry them this year... :( I will check out Walmart! Keep getting those topiaries- they look wonderful!