Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Lost Art

Hand lettering...hardly a need for this these days. My dad used to do this years ago, he'd letter big trucks and advertising signs in the local bowling alley...I'd watch his steady hand manuver the brush and always wonder how he kept it so tidy and made it look so easy!...A few years ago I asked him if he could letter a sign saying ANTIQUES for me and voila he's back in business!...I paint up the boards he letters and then I give them an antique finish, over the years we have sold quite a few. Different words, family names, a dog kennel and my horse's stall plaque! Here are a couple of the lastest I have listed in my Etsy shop...thanks Dad!


Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

These photos are SO beautiful! I can hardly take it! lol I cannot even begin to imagine what the shots in Romantic Prairie Style are going to look like! The colors here are phenomenal! and that is SO great that your Dad paints those like that! truly beautiful! ~Mel

Kimberly said...

So lovely!
I had such a fun time hand-lettering my signs for our Farmers Market Booth. There is something special about things made by hand to me.
I have been asked to make more signs, so it is fun to think of the possibilities. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Ticking and Toile said...

Gorgeous signs!!! So beautiful!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hello from Hamilton.....Melanie told me about your blog and could not wait to see it so far! What is going on with the one seems to really know?! Stop by sometime if you get a minute,all the best, .Chrissy