Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting back to my Blog!

Well a huge thanks to my 15 yr old son for helping me update my blog...I've been so inspired by all of the wonderful blogs out there! Finally I hope to keep it current and filled with some new ideas and plans for my store and up coming please bare with me as I muddle through!We spent most of last year renovating our kitchen, my husband doing most of the work himself...we have now stared the bathroom,so I will post some pictures very soon!


Amy Arnaz said...

Hello Christine~
Your blog is lovely. I found it thru a link-link-link today whilst having a lazy day all to myself. I smiled when I read that your son helped you give a facelift to your blog. Children are wonderful and SMART! I love the feeling of your blog. And also love your new kitchen. I'm going to bookmark you so I can stop by again. All the best ~ Amy in the Nevada desert

Tonita said...

LOVE your beautiful home and blog.