Friday, February 27, 2015

Been awhile!

It has been way too long since my last post! I thought I should update everyone with what I have been up to! Or not up to! It has been a long cold winter here in Southern Ontario and I feel like I have been hibernating for months now! I always close my brick and mortar shop The Primitive Heart during this time and concentrate on my Etsy shop and my booth in the Waterford Antique Market and both have been wonderfully busy! So a big thank you for supporting my little business! I recently updated to an iphone 6 and this has been life changing when it comes to my online shop! So easy to take great pictures, upload and go! Love it, love it,love it!!

And of course the hoarding has begun for the upcoming DAY IN THE COUNTRY SHOW...May 2&3...My dining room is filling up with goodies I have found while out and about this winter...I have been loving that apple green colour lately and see a theme starting! Something about spring, fresh flowers and herbs. I cannot wait to get into my shop and start new displays and putter around out there! I have plenty of new items on their way as well as new items I have look for my re- opening the end of the March (probably Thursday the 26th)...Stay warm!


Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Love! Your Etsy is one of my favorite shops.

Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

ooooh apple green eh!?? can't wait to see all your eye candy!! :D

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

always looking forward to your postings here on your beautiful blog my friend ~ love to see what you're up to and see your loverly home too ~ I think I need to visit your Etsy shop now :)
Blessed be,

Crystal X said...

very interesting post

Crystal X

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Unknown said...

The real benefits of having a store at Etsy is that people can check your wares any time, anywhere. While there is a certain charm to having a physical shop where people can visit, it’s also quite practical to make use of the growing online market. Cheers!

Pete Summers @ Elite Market Links

Unknown said...

You may have to close "The Primitive Heart" shop due to the cold winter, but you still have an online shop and a booth to focus your attention to. It’s good to know that all is going well with regard to your businesses. You made a great decision when you opened a virtual shop as a counterpart of its physical shop. I hope that move doubled your income, as enables you to reach out to more customers on and off the net. Kudos to you for coming up with that strategy!

Marshall Wells @ Visible Pages

Anonymous said...

Can you please share the gray colors in your home? I purchased the lowe's wall color by valspar- linen and it looks greenish khaki in my home. How do you get it to look so gray?

Anonymous said...

oops...sorry. my email is I entered anonymous because am not computer techy, and not sure how to do other options. thanks